Art for your office. How to choose it

Art for your office. How to choose it

Art for your office

Your office is more than just a space where tasks are performed and business is conducted, or at least it should be. The most successful offices have every aspect fine-tuned to produce the utmost in inspiration and productivity, and according to research, works of art can boost your work.

Forget bare walls — you want an office aesthetic that will incite brilliance. A research study by the University of Exeter concluded that offices decorated with artwork see increased productivity, reduced stress, and fewer health complaints. The mere presence of art raises efficiency by 17 percent, and when employees are empowered to play a role in the determining décor, that number is almost doubled.

Bottom line — if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your team, add art to your office

The Benefits of Art in the Workplace

The value of office art doesn’t stop with employee productivity. Studies have shown that it can promote creative thinking, helping workers develop innovative solutions to challenges and problems.

Art also speaks to the nature of your brand. Whether setting the tone for your company culture or communicating core values to your clients, the right artwork will provide visual cues for those who work in or visit your office.

But to achieve goals like improved productivity, inspired thinking, and culture communication, your office needs the right art. There are a few things you can do to ensure that the best possible pieces adorn your office walls and spaces.

Art for your office 1

Art of Bug by Elena Soroka. Oil on canvas (80 x 100 cm).

Consider your goals in relation to each space

Different spaces within your office have different intentions, and different works of art can have widely differing effects on the viewer. This must be taken into account.

A work of highly complex abstract art might be a great fit for a room where brainstorming sessions are held, for example, but that same work might be a bit over the top in a room where you’ll be meeting with potential clients. Or when you’re composing a common space where employees take their breaks; are you trying to set a tranquil mood where they can find peace or a vibrant atmosphere that will energize them?

Art for your office 2

Pink and Mint Floral by Fabienne Monestier. Oil on canvas (40 x 100 cm).

With the right piece, your various office spaces are given an aesthetic befitting of their purpose.

Incorporate your company’s core values and mission

It’s essential that the art you choose speaks to your company culture. The right piece will accentuate that culture, while the wrong piece will muddle it.

Is your company known for taking bold, decisive action? Perhaps your spaces should feature large, imposing works that imply strength and power. Or do you work in a more meditative realm? In that case, landscapes or soothing artwork featuring softer tones would likely be a better fit.

Whatever the situation, look for artwork that aligns with your company’s values.

Get your team involved

As mentioned above, employees who are engaged with the decorating process deliver as much as 30 percent more productivity. That is a major boost that shouldn’t be left on the table.

Find ways of getting your team involved with the art selection process. That could mean giving them a digital gallery to browse and having each employee choose their favourite three pieces, then going with the works that garner the most votes. Or perhaps you can have your staff vote on a selection committee tasked with choosing art.

In any case, work your workers into the process of choosing art, and your bottom line will benefit.

Allow opportunities for change

Eventually, even the most beloved works of art can begin to feel repetitive, or you and your team might find that a piece doesn’t achieve the intended goal. Provide opportunities to update artworks from time to time.

This can be as simple as making the art selection process an annual event. Or maybe all you’ll need is a classic suggestion box. Make your employees aware that if a particular work isn’t working out, they should communicate that so that changes can be made.

Art for your office 3

Aphrodite by Christina Papaioannou. Acrylic on canvas (100 x 120 cm).

For your business to maximise its success, it needs to use every tool at its disposal. Don’t let empty wall space go to waste, and don’t let the wrong piece of art do more harm than good.

By enriching your office with the right art you’ll get more productivity and creativity out of your team, you’ll make a greater impact on your customers and clients, and you’ll have a more enjoyable workspace in general.

In other words, by making your office into a masterpiece you better position yourself to truly master the art of business.


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