ArtLever will select, support, and sponsor an exclusive community of emerging, established, and master artists to be offered with cultural and commercial partners, in private showings, and in curated events.

​MILAN, March 31, 2022 — ArtLever, a New York-based agency for emerging, established, and master artists announced during the Milan Art week its leadership team of Executive Director Olga Simonova and Art Director Piero Addis.

​Rodin, Toulouse Lautrec, Arturo Martini, and masters such as de Chirico, Manzù and Henry Moore are represented by ArtLever. In addition, contemporary artists like Mirza Cizmic, Paolo Maggis, Amri Aminov, Giovanni Frangi are with the new agency.

​”It is not true that artists must express the content of an era, they must give an era a content”.

This phrase of the great German philosopher and art theorist Konrad Fiedler has always fascinated me, says Executive Director and Founder Olga Simonova, and it was an inspiring principle giving life with my partners to an entrepreneurial adventure as Artlever.

“Piero Addis has decades of experience of this world and to partner with him to select and sponsor some of the most inspiring art and artists in the world is an honor,” continue Ms.Simonova.

The agency offers collectors a collection of rare creations from celebrated artists and it alsoscouts new talent.
ArtLever features art ranging in value from thousands of
dollars into the millions. The company offers advisory services for expert private collectors and education for new collectors to establish the knowledge they need to buy and create their own collections.

Works with master curators and new collectors to select the perfect piece for their collections. Some, but not all the agency’s artwork, is featured

​The company’s global footprint, with founders from Moscow, Milan and New York allows itto identify and access pieces of art that can’t be found elsewhere. This includes works from remote areas of Russia, from exclusive private collections in Switzerland and Italy or the contemporary creations in Brooklyn and Silver Lake and Helsinki.

“True beauty requires a complete understanding of context, feeling and skill,” said Mr. Addis. “ArtLever’s standard is to ensure we deliver that comprehensive understanding to each of our partners, our customers, and artists. ArtLever empowers its clients and partners to connect and experience the expansive qualities of exquisitely selected paintings, sculpture, design, photography, and digital art.°

​In fact, Artlever’s mission is to define a new reality that aims to give content to the difficult era we are experiencing. “The content of art, through the vision of artists capable of creating works of extraordinary beauty, is the best “value” to face the future”, concludes Dylan Ratigan, Development Director of the company.

Olga Simonova

Executive Director.
Ms. Simonova Has Dedicated Her Professional Life To Curating Beauty In All Aspects Of Life, Advising Private Buyers, Collectors And Designers. With ArtLever She Brings Her Exquisite Taste To Select Emerging And Established Artists Around The World.
Olga Leverages Her Background As A Family Office Executive And Prestige Real Estate Developer To Ensure That Every Artist And Client At ArtLever Is Treated With Attention And Respect They Deserve.

Piero Addis

Art Director.
Piero Addis Is An Artist And A Manager Of Culture. He Has Worked All Over The World, From New York To Tokyo, Giving Lectures In Many Prestigious Universities On The Organization Of Complex Events. Appointed By IOC As Head Of Arts And Culture For The Turin Winter Olympics Games, Realizing Hundreds Of Artistic And Cultural Events. Was Involved With Beijing And Vancouver Olympycs, As Well As The Unesco Forum On Culture Held In Beijing As A Member Of The World Culture Commission. Former Director General Of The Royal Palace And Park Of Monza Where He Created Prestigious Exhibitions: From Van Dyck To Andy Wharol To Young Artists Of The International Art Scene, Promoting Their Talent And Research.

Dylan Ratigan

Development Director.
Dylan Ratigan Is A Moving Force For The Human And Cultural Influence Of ArtLever. With Experience In More Than Sixty Countries Across Multiple Industries ArtLever Allows Dylan To Connect Each Different Aspect Of Life Into A Single Experience Of Beauty And Energetic Resonance. Dylan Is A NYT-Best- Selling Author Who Created And Hosted Thousands Of Hours Of World-Class Broadcasting Informing Millions Of People On Bloomberg, CNBC And MSNBC Between 1998-2012. Dylan Also Served As Global Managing Director For Corporate Finance At Bloomberg LP.


ArtLever Fact Sheet

1. New Agency based in Los Angeles, New York, Milan and Moscow.

2. ArtLever’s mission is to work with masterpieces and emerging artists to define the content of our era with master curators and new collectors.

3. ArtLever Services include representing and selling art; producing immersive events; advising new collectors; advising master curators; providing access to art and artists from Moscow to Los Angeles;developing emerging artists.

Key points:

Unique team of Olga Simonova, Piero Addis & Dylan Ratigan.

Extraordinary range from 5-10k to millions. Masters, Modern to Contemporaries.

Immersive events with people like Amri Aminov and organizations like Triple Zero.

Unusual access from Moscow to Milan and USA in same company.

We love our Special Section which our prize asset is the Blue Code Swimming Pools

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