Daniela Forcella. ARITMIE

Daniela Forcella. ARITMIE

The exhibition

   The Milanese artist Daniela Forcella is known for her iconic metal, resin, and Plexiglas sculptures and her passionate experiments with new materials applied to artistic techniques. Following the success of her exhibition "Cartografie" at the 57th Venice Art Bienniale, she has embarked on a new line of investigation which, by way of an activity of synthesis and abstraction, has led her to gradually detach herself from Pop language to arrive at the definition of a new "sign" that is dense and material: a fluid, natural gesture that is almost like a ripple that the wind leaves on the sand.


  The pictorial cycle 'ARITMIE', which is on show for the first time in this exhibition, throws full light on the evolution of Daniela Forcella's artistic research: her gradual transition away from a sign that was constricted within the geometric rigidity of orthogonal meshes and rigid two-dimensional grids, towards a gestural exuberance that clearly indicates a change of gear.

     Daniela Fircela, antique mirror.

The works that are on display in the exhibition, curated by the art critic Vittoria Coen, are a mirror of the feelings the artist experienced, internalised and reworked when she returned from an emotionally overwhelming journey to the land of Israel. From an initial fear where black predominates, colour makes its way, first emerging timidly from the depths of a crack in the bituminous material and then manifesting itself forcefully in large fields of red. Finally, white comes to predominate, pure and free, in the large monochrome canvases or through its variations in an elegant palette of tonal changes, as in the most recent surfaces made of salt, with material inclusions that have strong expressive and symbolic value. The form and substance of Daniela Forcella's most recent works come from a desire for transparency and honesty; for trust and hope towards humanity.


   These works will be on exhibition from 8-18 November at Spazio BIG SANTAMARTA, a prestigious location in the heart of Milan where contemporary art is in dialogue with the medieval architecture of a former 13th century convent.


For the occasion, VanillaEdizioni will be publishing the catalogue “Daniela Forcella. Aritmie" edited by Vittoria Coen with a critical text by Marco Cerruti.



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