Marino Marini,  Carla Tolomeo, Mirza Cizmic Among Artists Featured in Milan

Marino Marini, Carla Tolomeo, Mirza Cizmic Among Artists Featured in Milan

 Celebrity Photographer Bob Kreiger, Paolo Maggis, Piero Addis, Mirza CizmicDaniela Forcella and a handful of Artlever's favorite Contemporary and Modern art was on display this month at the Artlever exhibition studio in central Milan. 
  European collectors, political and financial leaders joined Olga, Dylan and Piero for cocktails and a presentation of the rare beauty that is offered by ArtLever.
  Guests were enchanted by the Carla Tolomeo chair paired with Piero Addis' Waste Side Story" set opposite works from two of the youngest artists in the Milanese art scene, Pietro Coppi  and Andrea Fais.
  Works priced from two thousand euros for newcomers like Coppi to eight hundred thousand for the masterpiece by Marino Marini's striking modern sculpture were on display.
                                                   FEATURED ART
  Here some of the artists that were featured, each work is available for purchase on
             "L.E.B." Pietro Coppi. One of the youngest artists in the Milanese art scene, turns the struggle of his own mothers experience fighting cancer and recovering --  into beauty. He exposes the human and inhuman face of life. As a medium he uses her medicine boxes and oil. 
    "Stolen Memories", Mirza Cizmic.    Mirza, a child-refugee during the Bosnian war, found himself in Finland without any photos from his childhood. Cizmic uses other people's family images to resolve his own internal conflict with feelings of catastrophic risk and the safety of "home." He paints what he feels, not what he sees. It is a pure response to the idea of his own memories. Some responses are illogical, and yet they emerge. Most of the paintings are made as a combination of multiple old polaroid photographs. 
                                 Fantasia Chair , Carla Tolomeo         
   "Fantasia Chair", Carla Tolomeo. Classic furniture, converted it into baroque-inspired, fantastical expressions of joy and wonder, with birds, moons and exotic forms that reach for the moon. Milanese moon goddess Carla Tolomeo, purchased this rare chair at an exclusive auction in Monte Carlo and created it in her studio in Milan.
 "Fixing an In-finite Moment,"  Andrea Fais .   Andrea Fais, one of the youngest Milanese artists delivers small, extraordinary sculptures, revealing the constant reflection caused by nature itself, creator of the unlimited and the creator of the ultimate limitation. 
    "Gash", Andrea Fais reveals the crystal blue colors in stark contrast to oxidized metal. What appears to be a canvas reveals itself as industrial iron. What appears to be rusted and old reveals a perfect summer sky.
                     Daniela Forcella, Tower of Love
    "Tower of Love," Daniela Forcella. A shimmering celebration of love reflected from every side. Daniela Forcella is a celebrated throughout Europe for her warm and inspiring work with the concept and projection of love in all its forms.
                            Bob Krieger
  "Bouche," Bob Krieger. Intimacy without contact...Krieger effortlessly seduces with grace and mystery. Considered one of the greatest international portraitists, Bob Krieger has captured some of the most famous personalities of the political, industrial and cultural scenes as well as the sports and fashion worlds. Giorgio Armani, Indro Montanelli, Bill Gates, Carlo Bo, Miuccia Prada are just a few.
                          Palekh dresser, Dmitry Volkov
    "Aladdin," Dimitry Volkov. The legendary genie who makes your wishes come true, comes to life on ArtLever's exclusive offering of this hand-painted black lacquer Russian masterpiece dresser. The brightness of the colours and images, the magical characters and the refined style of the unique detail of Paleh painting create an indescribable charm.
                                Tommaso Fraschini, Sky
    "Golden Stars," by Tommaso Fraschini.  A gold threaded vision of the universe as reflected in the constellations. Inspired by the masterpiece of Giotto, "Cappella degli Scrovegni"
     "Knight in Shining Armour," Marino Marini. One of Italy’s most celebrated sculptors of the 20th century, Marino Marini figurative bronze sculpture. Marini draws on the tradition of Etruscan and northern European sculpture, reinterpreting classical themes such as this equestrian figure, which he combined with aspects of modernism—in exaggerated and elongated forms. 
                               PIERO ADDIS, Waste side story     
   "Waste Side Story," Piero Addis. Inspired by the classic story of turning that which has been discarded into beauty. Contrasting the permanence and weight of cast aluminum -- with the forms of a world overrun with light, disposable plastic. Italian artist Piero Addis offers unexpected beauty in a call to end our disposable culture. Seven (7) pieces. 
Lovers, Paolo Maggis
       "Lovers," Paolo Maggis. Passion in pure form. Boldly painting an enraptured bodily experience that moves freely in a transmission of energy. Large and energetic brushstrokes weave a complex  visual structure, sometimes through bright and contrasting colours, some others through tepid and tonal ones. 
  "Pink Horny Vase,"  Marisa Laurito. Famous Italian actress and artist offers a pure provocation in keeping with her stage and screen performances. She seeks to amuse, arouse and inspire her audience with this Murano glass one of a kind Pink Horny Vase.
Three dancing muses, Olga Syvorova                                
   "Three Dancing Muses," Olga Syvorova. The artists depicts the Melpomene, the muse of Tragedy, the muse of Lyric poetry and the muse of Love.  San Petersburg, Russia.
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