Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in British history, was an icon who allowed Anne Leibovitz, Andy Warhol and other’s to elevate their own career’s by presenting her image decades before her passing this month.
    In fact, no other world leader in recent history has spanned so much time or held so much influence for so long. Her passing seals the end of an epoch in the art world that was already on its way out.
    A muse and a collector Queen Elizabeth was an important advocate of beauty through art.
    The Royal Collection, with 7,000 paintings, 40,000 watercolors, ceramics, precious objects, tapestries, and old books: together they make up a collection with more than a million objects.
    Among the best known is the series of portraits of Queen Elizabeth was by Andy Warhol, to whom we owe the merit of having made Her Majesty a pop icon. And then there is the beautiful portrait of Chris Levine, which almost seems to illuminate the spirit because under the crown and the ermine the Queen curiously keeps her eyes closed.
    This month, these eyes closed forever.
    The world of art is grateful for having learned from her to keep our eyes open in an intelligent way, to scrutinize the weak signals, to build a vision, with an idea that reassures us in such an ephemeral contemporaneity.
    The art season will not fail to celebrate this emblematic figure in various expressive manifestations around the world.
    So, it is with that in mind, that we offer you a preview of the fall art season which will be the first to dawn without the Queen of England, since the fall of 1925. A new epoch begins.
    First, it still is the year of the Venice Biennale. There is time until November 27 to visit it. This is the first edition entrusted to the care of a woman, Cecilia Alemanni, who directs the High Line Art in the southern part of Manhattan, where a disused railway has become a place to live and an attraction. For the 59th edition of the biennial, the title “The milk of dreams;” was chosen, taken from that of a book by Leonora Carrington, a surrealist writer who is very attentive to the influence of technological advances on human nature and its relations with the outside world.
    Surrealism is the leitmotif of another Venetian exhibition, which will be held at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection until 26 September.
    “Surrealism and magic. Enchanted modernity” will host over fifty works by about twenty artists, starting with the metaphysical painting of Giorgio de Chirico, one of the artists that ArtLever
is proud to represent.
     Then, on the 19th of September in Belgrade a rare art event in which Artlever will participate, featuring Madeleine and Philip Zepter. The Serbian couple of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, from the multinational company of the same name present in over 60 countries, inaugurates their private Zepter Museum with several very high-profile international partners. The exhibition space, strongly supported by the Zepter’s to promote art and culture internationally will host exhibitions, conferences, events, shows, cultural events, theatrical performances, and workshops.
     Visitors will be able to share Madame Zepter’s private collections, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Artzept International Design Competition, the Theater and much more. In addition to creating the furnishings for the theater, the Italian artist Carla Tolomeo will inaugurate her personal exhibition during the evening. We
will give you an extensive report in a dedicated issue.
    Meanwhile in the deserts of North America, those who love large dimensions in art will have a great opportunity to experience exactly this pleasure. In fact, the largest work of art in the world is inaugurated in the Nevada desert this autumn. The author is the Californian Michael Heizer, founder of the Land Art movement together with Walter De Maria, Robert Smithson, and Dennis Oppenheim, specializing in works of art and large-scale installations.
     It is a monument of colossal dimensions with a megalithic appearance, inspired by ancient Mesoamerican ruins and by the Olmec culture. In all it becomes a series of complexes that will measure a quarter of a mile in width and over a quarter of a mile in length.
    We at ArtLever who delight in amazement, appreciate the mega--artist’s spirit when he says: “As long as you’re going to make a sculpture, why not make one that competes with a 747, or the Empire State Building, or the Golden Gate Bridge?”
    In London at the 1-54 London 2022, they will host 50 international exhibitors across 21 countries, its largest number of countries to date.
    Over 130 artists working across an array of mediums from painting and sculpture to mixed media and installation. Works from established artists such as Ibrahim El- Salahi, Hassan Hajjaj, and Zanele Muholi to young and emerging artists including Sola Olulode and Pedro Neves will be on view.
    In Atlanta, the first Georgia Art Week will be inaugurated in Atlanta on September 29th (until October 2nd), with a busy exhibition program developed by institutions and galleries, the presence of artists such as Kevin Cole, Wendy Schneider. Atlanta also has a do not miss offering with to the Coca-Cola Company Collection.
    As always, Miami Basel, from 1 to 4 December, the most important artistic event in the world, will end the fall season.
    It is the spirit of forging that new world ArtLever is proud to offer exclusive access to the work of Palekh from in Milan this fall.
    Palekh is the epitome of ArtLever’s mission to deliver rare and beautiful -- in this case via a modern masterpiece of hand painted cabinetry.
    Based in ancient eastern traditions of hand-painted fairy tales that glow with life on glistening, velvety black lacquered cabinetry. You can request a viewing and details here.
    We greet this new epoch with a sentence from famous Russian futurist Vladimir Mayakovsky:
    “Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer to forge it.”
    We at ArtLever look forward to discovering and creating this new epoch with you, and through visual art and shared experience together forge a world that is more beautiful.


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