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Mirza Cizmic



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Mirza Cizmic, a child-refugee during the Bosnian war found himself in Finland without any photos from his childhood. Cizmic uses other people's family images to resolve his own internal conflict with feelings of catastrophic risk and the safety of "home." Constantly fighting with his past; he finds himself in an infinite fight with no winners. War-induced internal fear of the unknown propels Cizmic's search for belonging. He paints what he feels, not what he sees. It is a pure response to the idea of his own memories. Some responses are illogical, and yet they emerge. Most of the paintings are made as a combination of multiple old polaroid photographs.
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Artwork category: Paintings

Artwork Details

Dimensions: 76 x 56 cm
Medium: oil on primed paper,
Year: 2021
Original: 1
Edition: Not part of an edition
Condition: excellent
Framed: false
Signature: yes
Location: Finland

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