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Paolo Maggis

Bilbao( in memory of Bigas)…

Bilbao( in memory of Bigas)…

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Paolo Maggis, (Milan, 1978): the fundamental subject of his work is painting, a body that moves freely in an architecture of different grammars and registers thus determining the visual dynamics and the transmission of energy. The subject-reference, bond to the corporeity, becomes for the painting a mental reason to express itself in large and energetic brushstrokes weaving a complex and articulated visual structure, sometimes through bright and contrasting colours, some others through tepid and tonal ones. Always attracted by the gestures of the pictorial action, Paolo Maggis focuses on a new research trajectory, all turned toward the expressive vigour of the medium
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Artwork Details

Dimensions: 149 x 195 cm
Medium: oil on canvas
Year: 2015
Original: 1
Edition: Not part of an edition
Condition: excellent
Framed: false
Signature: yes
Location: SPAIN

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