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Dmitry Volkov

"Aladdin" Russian Black Lacquer Wood. Chest of Drawers.

"Aladdin" Russian Black Lacquer Wood. Chest of Drawers.

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Aladdin, the genie who makes your wishes come true, comes to life on ArtLever's exclusive offering of this hand-painted black lacquer Russian masterpiece dresser. The brightness of the colours and images, the magical characters and the refined style of the unique detail of Paleh painting create an indescribable charm. The Palekh miniature is known throughout the world and has existed for almost a hundred years. But in fact, this artistic tradition is several centuries old. Palekh became the center of icon painting as early as the 17th century; the Palekh icon before the revolution was no less famous than the Palekh casket today, and these two types of art are directly related. In 1924, seven years after the revolution, hereditary Palekh icon painters figured out how to apply their skills and preserve the ancient Russian artistic tradition in a new, atheistic culture. The very first works of Palekh icon painters in the new genre of lacquer miniatures, commissioned by the handicraft museum, received a diploma of the first degree at the exhibition of the Academy of Artistic Sciences. In 1924, Palekh caskets made a splash at the Venice Art Opening Day. The Italians even asked to send craftsmen to organize the school. The artists refused to leave Russia. And a year after the formation of the artel at the World Exhibition in Paris, Palekh painting received a gold medal. From time immemorial people have been writing in tempera in Palekh. They made the paint in the old fashioned way - on egg yolk. Achieving "depth, luminosity and perseverance." Diluted with table vinegar or kvass. Palekh artists' brushes are handmade. Shop, even squirrel - too naughty. So modern masters, even when buying ready-made paints, still collect brushes by hand - hair by hair. To work with sheet gold, craftsmen use a special brush - lampemsel, made from the tip of a squirrel's tail.
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Artwork Details

Dimensions: 92 x 98 x 43 cm
Medium: unique traditional technique, wood
Year: 2022
Original: 1
Edition: Not part of an edition
Framed: false
Signature: yes
Location: Italy

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