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Piero Addis

Waste Side Story #01

Waste Side Story #01

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Piero Addis, after graduating in Arts at the AcademY of Fine Arts of Milan, started his career as Art Director in a multinational advertising agency. He has worked in several agencies in Milan, New York and Tokyo, contributing to the creativity of successful campaigns. Over the year he got several national and international awards. He has been collaborating with numbers of prestigious Universities in Italy, Spain, Germany, North and South America for conferences on art, workshops and seminars. Since 2003 has been working as Head of Arts and Culture committed by the Organizing Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006. As an artistic director he has been curating prestigious events inside the Cannes Festival, in Paris and Shanghai He has been invited as a video-artist for exhibitions in private spaces and public museums of international cities like Paris, Miami, Boston, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico, Guatemala. In the 2011 has been invited at Biennale di Venezia, Italian Pavillion. He lives and works in Milan and New York. Former Director General Of The Royal Palace And Park Of Monza Where He Created Prestigious Exhibitions: From Van Dyck To Andy Wharol To Young Artists Of The International Art Scene, Promoting Their Talent And Research.
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Artwork category: Sculptures

Artwork Details

Dimensions: 11 x 34 cm
Medium: lost plastic casting Material: full aluminum , unique piece
Year: 2020
Original: 1
Edition: Not part of an edition
Framed: false
Location: Italy

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