Welcome to ArtLever

Artlever is an international art company, based in Milan, New York and Moscow. With more than $1 billion in fine art and some of the worlds most exciting contemporary artists, we offer access to the inspiring world of masterpiece, modern and contemporary art as well as rare and beautiful objects and unique art experiences.

ArtLever Advisory & Private Rooms:

ArtLever offers clients advisory service to ensure they achieve the best presentation and impact for their collections - this includes public and private museum collections.

ArtLever Private Collectors are granted a custom-built digital “private room.” Some collectors are invited to the private gallery in Milan, where they can see rare and beautiful pieces not available in public.

Art ranging from Leonardo Da Vinci to William Turner, Henry de Toulouse Lautrec, Salvador Dalì and Canaletto are among the pieces ArtLever can offer from the fine art held by collectors that prefer not to work with traditional auction houses.

Instead they work with ArtLever to find the right future collectors for these breathtaking masterpieces.

ArtLever Modern & Contemporary:

ArtLever curates a limited yet stunning collection of Modern sculpture from Rodin, De Chirico and Amri Aminov. ArtLever offers a provocative and compelling group of Contemporary artists like Paolo Maggis, Mirza Cizmic, Sam Havadtoy, Giovanni Frangi, Piero Addis, PJPII and many others.

ArtLever Specials:

ArtLever specializes in identifying extremely rare one of a kind objects. This includes rare Russian Palekh furniture, Italian custom "Fantasia" chairs by Carla Tolomeo, playful Italian mirrors "Amore" from Daniela Forcella and the “Blue Code” Italian swimming pool tiles from Piero Addis.

ArtLever Leadership:

Under the leadership of Executive Director Olga Simonova, Art Director Piero Addis and Development Director Dylan Ratigan, ArtLever’s founders bring decades of expertise, insight and access to the world of art in service of ArtLever’s customers.

Olga Simonova

Executive Director

Ms. Simonova has dedicated her professional life to curating beauty in all aspects of life, advising private buyers, collectors and designers. Based in Milan and Moscow, she is a collector of Russian fine art and furniture. Ms. Simonova co-founded ArtLever with the goal of bringing rare and beautiful art to collectors around the world.

Olga leverages her background as a family office executive and prestige real estate developer to ensure that every artist and client at ArtLever is treated with the attention and respect they deserve.

Piero Addis

Art Director

Piero Addis is the former Director General of the Royal Palace and Park of Monza, the largest palace in Europe and a national treasure of Italy. Mr. Addis has spent much of his career as a curator and custodian of Italian and European cultural assets, this includes an appointment by the Internaional Olympic Committee as Head of Arts and Culture for the Turin Winter Olympic Games. While Director General at Monza he created prestigious exhibitions from Van Dyck and Andy Warhol to young artists of the international art scene, promoting their talent and introducing them to collectors. Piero continues this mission as a co-founder at ArtLever.

He has works all over the world, from New York to Tokyo with assignments including the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics, as well as the UNESCO Forum on culture held in Beijing as a member of the World Culture Commission.

Dylan Ratigan

Development Director

Dylan Ratigan is a co-founder and the moving force for the human and cultural influence of Artlever. With experience in more than sixty countries focused on finance, culture and industrial development. ArtLever allows Dylan to connect each different aspect of life into a single experience of beauty and energetic resonance. Dylan is a NYT-Best-Selling Author author who created and hosted thousands of hours of world-class broadcasting informing millions of people on Bloomberg, CNBC, and MSNBC between 1998-2012. Before that Dylan created and ran the first Global Corporate Finance division at Bloomberg LP.

ArtLever personally curated sales are supervised by ArtLever Executive Director. They range from custom sculptures to pastel and contemporary art. Selected artists are given direct attention and placement, represented with a specific focus on markets in Moscow, Milan, and New York. Personally curated sales are provided with specific attention and selected audiences in Europe, New York, and Moscow are chosen to view and consider each. We hope the ArtLever experience is an enjoyable and informative one for all our guests and clients.